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  • Belen says:

    I lived in Phila (locals don’t call it Philly ) for 7 years; I can’t say I know the bar scene well, but I do know the food.- As far as cheesesteaks go: foregt the whiz and get provolone; if you ask for a cheesesteak hogie you’ll get it with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes; don’t bother with the lines at Pat’s or Geno’s (though they are an experience in themselves, I guess) and get your steak at a truck, it will be better, cheaper and there won’t be as much of a line (nor as much attitude). Or skip the cheesesteak altogether (like I usually did) and get a bacon, egg and cheese, or a roast pork with greens.- Can’t recommend Reading Terminal enough. It’s what Portland would love to have as an indoor market.- I’ve taken the train to and from the airport; I can’t really say it’s much worse than taking the max.- Monk’s Cafe (listed in the better local bars link on yelp above) still is the home of the best burger I’ve ever had. Their mussels are also really good. The wife usually got the salad with duck. Beer list is long, but more focussed on Belgian than local.- Rittenhouse Sq. is a great place to hang if it’s not too hot/muggy and watch the local scene. Also some great local coffee and sandwich shops around the square. – The Phila Museum of Art is amazing. Like nothing you’ll see on the west coast and worth a visit.- Not sure I’d agree with the better bars being in South Phila; I’d say more like Old Town (East part of the city). But they probably get more sports oriented as you head South. But, again, that wasn’t really my scene.

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